Ziegler Relocation is exclusively focused on the corporate and diplomatic international market of international moving & relocation.
It is owned by the Ziegler Group, a large family-owned logistics business founded in 1908.
Ziegler Relocation’s office and warehouse are based in Brussels, capital of Europe.
Ziegler Relocation assists assignees and their families with their worldwide relocation and offers them a wide range of superior services in order to ensure them peace of mind and a smooth and seamless relocation experience.

In the past, Ziegler Relocation works traditionally on the moving aspect of the relocation but Ziegler Relocation has invested carefully and significantly in enhancing and expanding its range of services available to our customers. As a result, since 2008 Ziegler Relocation has been able to offer a full range of employee relocation support, delivered by experienced, highly qualified individuals and supported by the Ziegler quality.

Ziegler Relocation has introduced a comprehensive range of customized relocation & destination services offering flexible delivery solutions to address both family and individual requirements.

Ziegler Relocation is a unique service provider offering both household goods removal and relocation activities locally and worldwide. Ziegler Relocation has earned a solid reputation in regards of honesty, openness & excellent delivery service.