Mission Statement

It goes without saying that specifically this particular market requires quality; quality in service, materials, local & worldwide suppliers, staff and systems. It is Ziegler’s distinct wish to provide this requested quality in all of these fields. Customer service and customer satisfaction are our prime concern and this target is actively pursued by our staff and correspondents throughout the world.

In our own local market, Ziegler Relocation has taken position as an independent quality service provider. We have no desire to become the biggest Moving & Relocation Company, but we do wish to be recognised as the best services provider, commercially, administratively and operationally.

In order to achieve this goal, Ziegler Relocation invests in people, materials and systems continuously. This is our committment to continuity of our business and at the same time it guarantees the required quality of services. GMS, CERP qualified staff and Quality Seal & FAIM certifications are not a marketing tool to us but an essential recognition of our quality.

Ziegler Relocation recognises that relocation is a “people’s business”; and has worked hard to earn trust and has built strong and successful relationship. We do understand that such a complex process involving many personalities and relying upon numerous others is bound to encounter issues from time to time. Ziegler Relocation will do everything within its power to prevent, avoid or find the best solution to such problems.

Ziegler Relocation promotes re-use and/or recycling of waste materials where possible. Staff is encouraged to obtain a « green attitude » and to be on a constant look-out for new environmental-friendly materials and systems. The environment issue will remain on our agenda, as this is a battle of everyday.

Today’s clients demand, rightfully, flexibility and professionalism of their mover & relocator. It is our policy to recrute highly professional and serviced-minded staff.

The satisfaction of our clients is our prime goal. The expatriates have to feel secure before, during and after their move.

There is no substitute for quality